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Meditacijo je zate kot medij za sporočila duhovnega vodstva skanalizial moj najstarejši sin Miha. Priporočam ti, da meditacijo poslušaš s slušalkami.

Meditation - Activate your inner peace with Buddha - is recieved with a purchase of Meditation time ambient spray.

It awakens confidence and deep inner peace in us. Because of the fast pace of life, we sometimes drift away from this state, even though it is the natural state of our consciousness. With meditation you travel deeper into the feeling of your being, the being that hides in this body, the feeling of the being of love. Meditation leads you to your essence, your soul essence. When you feel this love, the state of oneness, when you reach these inner feelings, you can recognize how everything is right, exactly as it should be. You recognize your potentials and abilities. In this state, you do not know fear, judgement, you do not distinguish between right and wrong, but you accept and allow experiences. You love yourself and you love the world.