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All you need to know about the around the eye skin care routine

Have you ever wondered if you really do need an eye cream, why is it beneficial, how would you apply it, what ingredients should you look for in it and similar?


I hope to answer your questions in this blog entry as well as introduce you to two of my amazing under-eye skin care products, Antioxidant under-eye balm and Peptide Eye Serum

The area around the eyes and the first visible signs of ageing.


If you think about the face and the first signs of ageing, it is precisely the area around the eyes, from an anatomical point of view,  where the visible signs of ageing begin to show first. The skin around the eyes is extremely thin, contains extremely little subcutaneous fat, sebaceous glands, is prone to puffiness, dark circles, swelling, hyperpigmentation, sagging and drooping skin.

Compared to the rest of the face, it is much drier, thinner, sensitive, less elastic

and needs careful and thoughtful care.


Did you know that we blink an average of 4.2 million times a year, which amounts to approximately 10,000 times a day?

How do you take care of the area around the eyes?

Now you already know that the area around the eyes is thin, sensitive, reacts to all rough and thoughtless moves, you will know how extremely important it is to be especially gentle with this area. Moisturising and nurturing products alone will not be enough. I recommend you also pay attention to the following:


Using gentle cleansers that won’t irritate the skin around the eyes

Choose a cleansing product that suits you. This can be oil-based cleanser, gel, micellar water, perhaps a cleansing milk (try my gentle but extremely effective Cleansing

Milk with Papaya Extract, enriched with immortelle, rose, lavender hydrolates and exceptional, cold pressed oils of marula, sunflower, castor and sea buckthorn. Gently cleanses, nourishes, softens, moisturises, creates pleasant skin to the touch and is suitable for all skin types).

2. Use the correct cleansing technique

When you choose a cleanser that suits you, your make-up removing technique should be gentle. If you like to use tools (wash cloth, cotton pads) for e.g. cleansing milk, they should be made of gentle materials that are friendly to the skin and the environment.

Apply the selected cleansing product, gently hold it on the area of ​​the skin, eyelashes etc and carefully remove make-up with gentle outward strokes.

Do keep in mind that strong pressure or rough strokes can additionally contribute to the formation of wrinkles and visible fine lines!

  1. Correct application of the eye cream

Do keep in mind that strong pressure or rough strokes can additionally contribute to the formation of wrinkles and visible fine lines!

When you have successfully completed the cleansing ritual, the next step is MOISTURISING. If you are a minimalist and you only use one moisturising product for the entire face, which also covers the area around the eyes, trust me there is absolutely nothing wrong with that as long as it suits you.

You just need to be aware that some moisturising creams can cause unpleasant feeling, redness, tearing, irritation when used on the area around the eyes. Conventional moisturising creams are not designed for this type of skin and do not contain ingredients that have a beneficial effect for such a sensitive area (e.g. caffeine,

which has a very invigorating effect and you can also find it in our Peptide Eye Serum

Why choose a product that is only intended for the care of the area around the eyes?

  • Contains ingredients that will not irritate the area around the eyes and cause unpleasant reactions,
  • does not contain fragrances that would result in unpleasant reactions,
  • the selection of appropriate active ingredients and the concentration of only these is well thought out.

What technique is most suitable for applying products around the eyes?

A simple and effective technique for applying the product correctly is “tapping”. It’s via tapping the transfer of the product to the skin is precise, gentle and does not encourage mechanical movements that would contribute to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



A gentle reminder: when you finish cleaning and moisturising, don’t forget to apply a cream with a SPF.

When should you start using products for the area around your eyes?

If you notice fine lines, appearance of first wrinkles, dark circles or lacklustre, dull appearance already in your early twenties, then this is the right time for preventive care that will help you slow down the first visible signs of ageing. Youthful years are not an obstacle to start with preventative care! Equally, it is never too late to start with quality skin care. 

To successfully defend yourself against the first signs of ageing or if you want to slow them down, I have prepared two products which give you a completely natural way to provide quality care for the area around the eyes.

Meet the Peptide Eye Serum.


If you are a fan of light, fresh, nurturing formulations and you are looking for a product that will intensively moisturise, refresh the area around the eyes, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, etc I recommend Peptide Eye Serum (link do izdelka v trgovini)


Enriched with peptides, caffeine, vitamin E, active ingredients, a combination of 

immortelle, Roman chamomile and witch hazel hydrosols and natural oils of camellia, marula, rosehip and CO2 chamomile extract will all help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, promote the formation of collagen, elastin in the skin, tighten and revitalise the skin. Peptide Eye Serum is an ideal assistant for anyone who struggles with dark circles, puffy, tired skin and for anyone who needs a morning lift of energy around the eyes.

Meet the Antixodiant under-eye balm


Antioxidant under-eye balm (vstavi link do izdelka v trgovini) together with Peptide Eye Serum is what I call a complete care for the area around the eyes.

Compared to the Peptide Eye Serum, its texture is much richer, pleasantly buttery, yet non-greasy, soft and extremely nourishing. Contains carefully selected ingredients (in its composition you can find green tea leaf wax, carnauba wax, cocoa butter, coenzyme Q10, squalane, vitamin E, strawberry seed oil, marula, argan, CO2 extract carrots, rosemary, green tea and others) to nourish, moisturise and ensure the elasticity of the skin and reduced appearance of fine lines.

It works great as the last, independent step of care for the area around the eyes. But if you want to create rich, luxurious care, you can use it to lock in the previously applied Peptide Eye Serum. With this you ensure that extremely pleasant invigorating effect on the skin.

Do not forget that the care of the area around the eyes can also be a very special beauty ritual, with which you remind yourself that you love yourself, accept and nurture yourself in the full measure of love.

I hope that I have given you useful information in this entry which will also make your care around the eyes pleasant and effective. Finally, let me invite you once again to my webshop where a wide range of natural, organic, certified and vegan products await you. You can find them at www.mayarula.si

If you need help or advice in choosing any of my products, I am happy to help and advise you. Write to me at info@mayarula.si. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Until the next post, I wish you my best regards.


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