­čîŞUporabi kodo NARAVA20 in pridobi 20% popusta na vsa velika razpr┼íila za prostor­čîŞ

I created a skincare line with the greatest effort and love.

My purpose is to raise women's awareness of how important it is to know what we put on our skin. That whether our skincare products contain potentially harmful chemical ingredients or are completely natural is not irrelevant. I define natural cosmetics as active, since it uses natural ingredients and corresponds to the structure and functioning of our skin. Pamper yourselves and your skin with Mayarula natural skincare line, which consists of cold pressed natural oils, hydrosols, plant extracts and essential oils, used instead of synthetic perfumes. As a result the skin will be nourished, healthy and glowing.

My intention is also that the users of the Mayarula skincare line collaborate with these products and that we begin to perceive ourselves differently.

To feel good in our own skin holistically, both externally and internally, and to love ourselves as we are. To connect with ourselves when using the products. Caring for our skin should be done with mindfulness; use smell, touch, feel and accept yourself more and more.

Charity is also part of my purpose.

Because of Maya, who showed me the way to my passion and purpose, I always felt a great affection for Africa. That's why I contribute to the local community and help children with their education. I donate as much as 3% of every product sold to those who need help the most. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart that you are also a part of this story.

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