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The first active organic skin care line in Slovenia.

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CosmEthically ACTIVE confirmes product efficiency

The CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate is a novelty in the field of natural cosmetics certification. It is the first certificate that evaluates cosmetics from the point of view of the natural origin of the ingredients and the content of the so-called cosmetically active ingredients. Cosmetically active ingredients are those that express specific cosmetic effects after application to the skin only if they are present in the product in sufficient concentration.

The main guidelines of the CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate are naturalness and ethics. The certificate builds the concept of so-called active cosmetics and protects the user from empty marketing promises and misleading advertising. It has strict criteria for the selection of cosmetic ingredients, which must be truly friendly to our environment. An important criterion is also the expertly considered composition of the final cosmetic product, which must be of high quality and must be based on the needs of our skin.

CosmEthically ACTIVE is an internationally recognized natural cosmetics certification that takes cosmetics to a higher level, supported by scientific evidence. Behind it stands the Modern CosmEthics team, an internationally active professional association.

The Organic certificate was developed by ECOGEA, the International Institute for Quality and Innovation of Natural and Organic Products, to define common requirements and definitions for natural and organic cosmetics, cleaning products and fragrances. The ECOGEA standard is based on comparable European standards and clearly defines which raw materials are permitted (safe) for use in cosmetics, and which are strictly prohibited.

The first and most important goal is to emphasize the value of ingredients of natural origin and organic farming. They give preference to the use of environmentally friendly physical and chemical processes, orientation to environmental impacts, such as good biodegradability and low ecotoxicity. With this, they want to actively contribute to sustainable development.

With this certificate, Mayarula products carry added value and weight, as it confirms that all the ingredients used have been properly checked and approved, and that the products are safe and do not have an adverse effect on the environment.

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Organic confirmes organic origin of the ingredients

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