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My story

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Darja Gornjak Korošec, I have a master's degree in pharmacy.

First and foremost, I am a creator of natural rejuvenating skincare line (active organic skincare for radiant skin and a youthful appearance) or creator of products that support you in both care and personal growth. Already at university, I was interested in the field of phytotherapy. Later also aromatherapy and finally natural skincare. It was precisely because of this field that I changed my secure job at the pharmacy for entrepreneurship.

My husband and I have two adult boys, and the last member of the family joined us from Africa seven years ago.

Because of this beautiful dark-skinned girl, who has very dry skin and even drier and special hair, I started to educate myself in the field of natural skincare, because I wanted to care for her only with natural products. Through various courses, both in Slovenia and abroad, I also got acquainted with products for the care of my skin. I obtained a certificate in organic anti-aging skin care from the accredited school Formula Botanica.

So I started creating a rejuvenating facial skincare line for myself.

Being 51 years old, I want to successfully defy time, but in a natural way. Gradually, a full skincare line was created, made with the greatest effort and love. I myself love the touch and smell of nature on my skin, so I wanted to inspire other women (of course, the products are also suitable for men :)) to use natural skincare products and offer them effective natural way to express their natural beauty. When we connect with nature, we also connect with ourselves and shine. My vision is that we feel good in our skin holistically. Both externally and internally. To caress our soul with application rituals every day. To love ourselves as we are and activate ourselves into the world, which is why we are here.

Company name and logo

Company name is a blend of Maya's name and that of the marula tree.

The company's new logo represents the African marula tree, which, along with immortelle, is the common thread of the skincare line. Our faces are elegantly caught in its trunk.

The ingredients work synergistically and create a complete whole!

It is crucial that the cosmetically active ingredients in the product are present in a sufficient concentration, as this is the only way they express specific cosmetic effects after application to the skin. For this purpose, in addition to the Organic certificate, the Mayarula skincare line has obtained the CosmEthically Active certificate, which builds the concept of active cosmetics. It literally means that it works. Both certificates have strict criteria, so the ingredients of the Mayarula cosmetic line are also really environmentally friendly and do not have an unwanted effect on it. I should also mention that products have no ingredients of animal origin and are suitable for vegans.

My eternal love for immortelle and marula oil.

During my studies in aromatherapy, I learned about immortelle essential oil and fell in love with it at first smell. When learning about natural skincare, I was most attracted to marula oil - an African oil with a pleasant nutty smell and good absorbency. So it was soon clear that immortelle essential oil and marula natural oil would become the common thread of my collection. Of course, other anti-aging ingredients are also included. It contains a combination of hydrolates, cold-pressed plant oils, plant extracts and essential oils, as well as modern active ingredients. All ingredients are adapted to the needs of mature skin and form a face-friendly and effective skincare.

The skincare line was created unhurried, thoughtfully, and is the result of many years of systematic work that created a well-rounded set of products.

Eight face care products and three rejuvenating body oils form the Mayarula skincare line. The products complement each other beautifully and comprehensively care for the skin. Packages are also available, which sensibly consist of two or three products, e.g. morning or evening ritual. Finally, I added a range of 6 carefully selected organic ambient sprays that combine essential oils and crystals. They were created from my own needs, namely for those areas where I would like more support at certain times. There is also a collection of personal fragrances in the works, which also work to improve our well-being, that we are well, connected to ourselves and in our own strength.

From the very beginning, I felt that I wanted to offer users more than just the "bare" skincare.

Now that I have become more and more spiritually awakened, Mayarula products also support me more and more. I am happy that with my products I help many people to better skin, as well as to better well-being. With regular use, carefully selected ingredients, alongside beauty rituals, have a beneficial effect not only on the skin, but also on our well-being. I want you to fall in love with my products and at the same time fall in love with yourself. Thank you to everyone who will try Mayarula products. I will be overjoyed and honored if they serve you in their full purpose. With love, Darja

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