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Sustainable approaches are the foundation of Mayarula's business.

At Mayarula, we decided from the very beginning that all cosmetic products would be of natural origin, because only these contain the skin's own or similar ingredients that support the skin's natural processes. Besides, it is natural cosmetics safe, effective and degradable, as evidenced by the certificates Organic and CosmEthically Active, which take the cosmetic line to a higher level. The result is a rejuvenated and radiant look the skin.

With Mayarula's products, you can change your beauty routine to a more "green" one.

Our ingredients respect your skin as well as nature and the planet. The product is stored in dark violet glass of the highest quality. A quality that has been proven to preserve and protect the medicinal properties of the contents. I am happy and proud that my work towards a sustainable approach was also noticed at Elle magazine. They have recognized me as a creator that contributes towards sustainability.

Return your 10 empty Mayarula products bottles and recieve a product for free.

In further support of the sustainable business concept, we have introduced a return campaign of Mayarula packaging, which has already established itself quite well. For every 10 returned empty bottles or pots of any Mayarula full-sized collection, you can choose a free product of your choice. Send the bottles to me by post with a note which product we are exchanging them for.

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