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How can we restore skin moisture after the age of 30 in a natural and effective way?

After the age of 30, we need to start taking even better care of our skin, because it’s the time when natural physiological or chronological ageing begins – an inevitable process, but one that, like other processes in the body, also affects the skin.

Wrinkles and how I set out to fight them myself.

It is completely natural that over the years the skin becomes drier and less radiant, it looks thin, loses its tension, wrinkles appear, and even pigment spots. And although the ageing process itself is inevitable, not everything is lost 🙂


With proper natural care, which provides the skin with enough moisture and other natural nutrients, it is possible to slow down the ageing process and, with regular use of such products, effectively mitigate the formation of its most stubborn “signs”, wrinkles.


I started noticing wrinkles on myself quite early on. At the age of twenty-five, those crow’s feet appeared that didn’t bother me at first, because they are, after all, a memory of all the beautiful and positive moments I experienced. But soon more and more wrinkles appeared which made me want to try every possible cream to slow down their formation. In particular, those that promised that I would look at least five years younger. How ever much I wished it was like that, but of course it didn’t happen.

So I couldn’t find any products that I would be really happy with and that would bring me everything my skin needed for daily care.


And what really helped to realise what my skin really needs to maintain a youthful appearance, you ask?

As a pharmacist, I have always been interested in the fields of phytotherapy, aromatherapy and natural cosmetics. I have especially surrendered to the latter over the last few years. I researched ingredients for dry and mature skin and educated myself at home and abroad. 


The ageing process does not define us as much as our relationship to ourselves and our skin


It all kind of coincided with my spiritual awakening and desire for more contact with nature. I wanted to connect care with nature so that plants that are in cosmetics in the form of extracts, hydrosols, cold pressed oils, caress our skin. This is how the Mayarula natural cosmetic line was created, with eight products that comprehensively nourish our facial skin.

I myself love the touch and smell of nature on my skin, so I wanted to inspire others to use natural cosmetics and offer them effective cosmetics so they can express their natural beauty. When we connect with nature, we also connect with ourselves and shine. The whole line is rejuvenating and appeals to the modern conscious woman (of course, cosmetics are also suitable for men :)) from the age of 30.

Dnevna vlažilna krema, ki je mojim gubicam skrajšala rok trajanja.

With the aforementioned awakening also came the awareness that the ageing process needs to be accepted and that it does not define us. I am aware that beauty comes from within and we can shine when we are content and joyful.


I decided to create natural and organic cosmetics because I wanted my cosmetic line to contain only natural ingredients that support and regulate the skin’s natural processes in a non-invasive and at the same time effective way. While creating with natural active ingredients, I also fell in love with their scent. When I created my first day cream, no matter how strange it may sound, I could hardly wait for the morning to apply it and smell my favourite essential oils, which I use in the cream instead of synthetic fragrances. Essential oils not only have the effect of fragrance, but also have a relaxing effect and caress our soul, and at the same time have a regenerative effect on the skin.

A daily moisturiser that erased the effect of my wrinkles

I have been perfecting and upgrading the day cream since I first created it. I have included ingredients that have moisturising properties, strengthen the barrier function and prevent dry skin with a synergistic effect. The water content in the skin increases the diverse selection of natural moisturising ingredients (glycerol, Na lactate, betaine).

A mixture of natural oils (apricot, marula, baobab and rosehip) and ceramides, which are an expensive and valued cosmetic ingredient, improve the lipid barrier function and supply the skin with its own lipids. The cream also contains a whole range of other ingredients that cosmetics for mature skin are supposed to contain; from vitamins, antioxidants, active ingredients with anti-inflammatory action, etc. This one is now known as Moisturising Day Cream. With its CosmEthically Active certificate, this natural cream confirms the effectiveness and functioning of the active ingredients in the product and ensures everything the skin needs – to be moisturised and nourished throughout the day. It is a light but luxurious emulsion that is quickly absorbed into the skin. However, a distinctly nourishing feeling remains on the skin. It gives the skin softness, gentle radiance and tension. The essential oils of immortelle, palmarose and Roman chamomile conjure up a pleasant floral-green scent for the cream.

Try the extremely light Moisturising Day Cream, enriched with ceramides. It is intended for all skin types over the age of thirty, especially dry and dull skin. It deeply nourishes and moisturises the skin and promotes its regeneration.

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