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The solution for dry skin and a rejuvenated look

Years ago, when I started creating natural cosmetics for myself, I soon thought of my mom as well. I knew that she liked creams with a richer texture and higher fat content. So I created an Intensive Antioxidant Cream for generous care of mature and very dry skin. It is also intended for all of you who like more oily care. This rich nourishing cream contains a higher proportion of fats from natural oils as well as phytosterols and an abundance of antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, gamma-oryzanol and coenzyme Q10. Of course, it also offers copious moisturising. It is therefore intense in terms of fat, moisturisers and antioxidants.

Effective protection against the cold


Winter will come soon, it is already cold in the morning. The optimal water content in the stratum corneum, which is provided by the natural moisturising factor and intercellular lipids, is important for the normal functioning of the skin. Adverse weather conditions such as cold and low relative humidity contribute to increased water loss from the skin.


As the temperature changes, so does the care of our skin. Large temperature differences (outside temperatures can be very low, but the rooms are warm due to heating) dry out the skin and destroy its natural protection. Therefore, in winter we need to take care of it with more abundant and nourishing care that will renew our skin.

As the cold breaks down the protective function of the skin barrier, the water from the surface begins to evaporate, and at the same time the skin is less resistant to external influences.

It becomes more susceptible to harmful substances from the environment. Endangered skin is also more susceptible to allergies and infections. Thus, the skin becomes dry, cracked, flaky, and often itchy, red, and painful. It is less supple and dull.

In winter, proper care is crucial, we need to pay more attention to it than usual. In winter, our skin needs both protection and moisture, so it is best to use products that provide both. Products should contain emollients and occlusives that provide protection and moisturisers. Such products are rich in nourishing emulsions, as well as the already mentioned Intensive Antioxidant Cream and are ideal for the colder seasons.

You can read more about skin care in winter and what the skin protects and moisturise on my blog During winter your skin needs protecting as well as moisturising.

I myself use lighter moisturising care (Floral Moisturising Serum and Moisturising Day Cream) most of the year, and on colder days I often use the Intensive cream. We already know that the skin dries out or it becomes more vulnerable when exposed to low temperatures. Thus, in the colder part of the year, in the morning before the walk, I must apply an Intensive Antioxidant Cream, which protects and moisturises my skin.

Morning walks mean a lot to me; they bring me joy, happiness, relaxation, fill my batteries and my purpose. On weekends, they also bring me conversations with my husband, who then joins me on longer walks with our puppy, which is especially a pleasure for me, as we  become even more connected with each walk.


It’s nice to watch nature wake up in magical colours in the morning, and our dog Molly enjoys exploring.


I got a little lost… I wanted to say that my walks at this time of year are necessarily related to antioxidant care. In addition to the face cream, I must also apply Antioxidant under-eye balm which is also rich in antioxidants and protects this area from the weather and tears due to the cold.

The cream is not only successful as a skin protection on colder days, but also in the fight against ageing

How does ageing affect our skin and how can we alleviate it?

Over the years, the skin becomes drier and drier, acquiring all the characteristics of dry skin due to a weakened barrier function and a reduced amount of a natural moisturising factor that has the ability to bind water. Because there are also fewer epidermal lipids, transepidermal water loss increases.

Principal changes on mature skin are the result of gradual deterioration and slowed down action of ingredients in all layers of the skin: epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. In the dermis are the most pronounced changes in the structural elements in the ageing process. There are fewer and fewer fibroblasts (the main cells of the dermis), in addition, collagen fibers change and are improperly distributed. Due to the smaller number of connective fibers, the leather loses its flexibility and firmness. When creating this cream, I had all this in mind. I created a cream with a very rich composition, which contains a whole range of ingredients that rejuvenating cosmetics are supposed to contain.

Among other things, the cream also emphasises ingredients that act directly on collagen metabolism and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers. In this cream, these are vitamin C and seaweed extract. The extract is an active anti-wrinkle agent that strongly promotes the formation of structural skin proteins. It has been shown to stimulate cell division and increase collagen synthesis. The end effect is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and hydration.

You can find the cream here, where you can learn much more about it and its ingredients.

When to use this luxurious emulsion?


The cream can be used for day and night care of dry skin. Due to the abundance of antioxidants, it is welcome for mature skin care. It is also recommended for preventive antioxidant care of young dry skin and for regenerative care of sun-exposed skin. The cream spreads pleasantly and absorbs well into the skin, the feeling after application is soft, silky and nourishing, and the skin is noticeably rejuvenated.


To conclude, I would urge you to be picky. Choose natural cosmetics, as this will not burden the skin and the environment with chemical ingredients. In the abundance of more or less harmful chemicals that surround us, I find it important to apply only natural, proven and effective ingredients to the skin, which is our largest organ, and to take time for ourselves and for the care of our face. Natural cosmetics are safe, degradable and proven effective. That is why I created natural rejuvenating cosmetics, where each product contains a carefully selected palette of active ingredients that in the right combination and concentration have the maximum effect on the skin as well as caress our soul with natural scents hidden in the cream.


My other message, which I find important, is that we need to accept the process of skin ageing, because it doesn’t define us, beauty actually comes from within. I myself have accepted ageing much better now in my fifties than I did ten or even twenty years ago. Of course I have wrinkles, but I also have a tool (the Mayarula cosmetic line :)) that works great on my skin; it is nourished, moisturised, and it seems to me to have been the same for several years.


Last but not least, we can make a significant contribution to slowing down premature ageing by providing timely and proper skin care, protection against the harmful effects of UV rays and a healthy lifestyle.

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