VESELI DECEMBER: Uporabi kodo DECEMBER15 na lepotne rituale in darilna pakiranja 🌸

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Every year before the summer, I prepare my own first aid products for skin care.  A part of these will definitely be (in addition to the natural repellent I presented in the previous blog ( also aloe vera gel, which pleasantly cools the skin after sunbathing, intensively moisturises and regenerates it. You probably all know […]

Of all the seasons, summer is closest to my heart, when the day is long and it is still warm outside in the evening. I have in mind, above all, vacation time, when we sit with friends in the evenings in a relaxed mood. It is then that we are most haunted by mosquitoes, which […]

The majority of the industry tends to put costs ahead of functionality, which means that most industrial products are filled with water and synthetically derived emollients. In natural cosmetics, we give preference to natural and organic ingredients that offer more than just filling the volume and saving money. Basic ingredients found in organic cosmetics are […]

The types of roses that are most important for the production of essential oil are Provence rose or cabbage rose (Rosa centifolia), Damask rose (Rosa damascena) and Gallic rose (Rosa gallica). The leading producers are Bulgaria and Turkey, where the tradition of growing Damask rose has been preserved since the 15th century. This type of […]

Latin name: Sclerocarya birrea Family: Anacardiaceae (cashew family)     Marula is one of Africa’s largest indigenous plants and still plays an important nutritional and medicinal role for southern and central African peoples. It has always been a part of the lives of the inhabitants of the southern regions of the African continent. For thousands […]

When I decided to add a blog on my site, there was no doubt that the first blogs would be dedicated to the plants which are at the core of my entire collection. The first blog is therefore dedicated to Immortelle and the second to Marula. Let’s start with Immortelle … Immortelle Latin name: Helichrysum […]

Mayarula is an all-natural rejuvenating cosmetic line that offers a comprehensive facial skin treatment with carefully selected natural ingredients that appeal to the modern conscious woman from the age of 30 onwards. It contains a combination of hydrosols, cold-pressed oils, plant extracts and essential oils, as well as modern active ingredients that have created face-friendly […]