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Cvetni vlažilni serum

Facial serums – why do you need them?

Unfortunately, we cannot prevent the skin ageing process, but we can slow it down. I also believe it is never too late to start with quality skincare and self-care.


I believe that maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance is closely related to carefully selected skincare. There is a wide range of different active ingredients available, with which you can help improve the condition of your skin and slow down its ageing process.


That’s why I would like to introduce you to a few effective “assistants” for slowing down the ageing process, which also include facial serums. As I myself like to use serums very much, I believe in their power and performance. I have created two different serums as part of the Mayarula skin care line: Floral Moisturising Serum and Vitamin Oil Serum.


Surely some of you are wondering why you need a facial serum at all, what is its purpose, effect, how to use it as part of your care?


To answer such musings I have decided to write this blog and explain everything! Read on 🙂

What is a facial serum?

Serum is a cosmetic product with a light consistency based on water or oil. It boasts a rich, concentrated composition with active ingredients. It helps you achieve better results you want on your skin.

What is the difference between a serum and a face cream?


Compared to creams, serums are much more concentrated, contain a higher percentage of active compounds, enable targeted care and impact, and a more intensive absorption into the skin

To put it simply, with the active ingredients contained in the serum, you target a specific place with a specific effect. Great, isn’t it?


Why are serums so popular in the skincare routine?


We all struggle with skin problems of one kind or another. Maybe wrinkles, age spots, enlarged pores, acne, sensitive skin bother you. You have the feeling that your skin is dry, oily, dull, without energy, suppleness and shine.


By choosing the right serum, you can act specifically on the skin’s needs, on irregularities that bother you. Or by choosing a serum, you can ensure moisturising, providing lipids, and maintaining a healthy skin barrier.

I would just like to highlight that serums are not a substitute for day or night creams, but are a useful addition to the care routine and are intended as additional intensive skin care.

Types of serums

The active ingredients in the serums, with their rich composition and regular use, can quickly surprise you with a noticeable change on your skin.

It is important to choose a product that is of high quality not only in terms of ingredients, composition, but also the whole story behind the brand.


Mayarula’s products boast not one but two fantastic certificates: Organic + CosmEthically ACTIVE.

Some popular types of serums on the cosmetic market.

Depending on the effects or the impact, there are several different types of serums. In addition to the serums that are used as part of face care, you can also find serums on the market for body shaping, eyelash growth, weight loss serums, body transformation, and skin firming.

Below, I present the most commonly used serums for facial care.


Moisturising face serums.

One of the more recognizable active ingredients in serums is hyaluronic acid, a wonderful moisturiser that binds a large amount of water. You can also find it in my Floral Moisturising Serum, which is a true treasure trove of moisturisers. It contains a trio of hyaluronates (with low, high and oligo molecular weight), which differ from each other in terms of properties and impact.


Why such a combination?

The large molecular masses of hyaluronan retain a greater amount of moisture in the stratum corneum and do not pass into the deeper layers. Smaller molecular weights penetrate deeper into the epidermis and offer a more in-depth moisturising action.


In order to further strengthen the Floral Moisturising Serum in its moisturising design, I enriched it with sodium pyrrolidone carboxylate, or Sodium PCA for short. An exceptional moisturising component that acts as a hygroscopic molecule with a lower molecular weight that binds to moisture. It is an integral part of the natural moisturising factor in the skin and also acts as an accelerator in the absorption of other cosmetically active ingredients.


The basis of the serum are also plant extracts (such as hydrosols of rose, immortelle and Roman chamomile, as well as beech bud and ginkgo extract). These provide, in addition to moisturising, antioxidant activity and greater collagen synthesis. Dry, mature skin will glow in every way. Read more about its composition and function at https://mayarula.si/en/trgovina/facial-care/floral-moisturising-serum-20-ml/


Other excellent moisturising components are also urea, glycerol, amino acids and others.


Do not forget to lock the moisturising components in the skin with the help of emollients or occlusives (ceramides, squalene, sterols, waxes).


Anti age serums

These types of ingredients offer care and nourishment, improve the elasticity and flexibility of the skin, and stimulate the synthesis of collagen. They often contain antioxidants, retinol, collagen and other interesting active ingredients.


For excellent antioxidant care, I have prepared a Vitamin Oil Serum for you with natural oils of marula, argan, rosehip, cranberry, pomegranate and sea buckthorn, enriched with vitamins E and A. The serum deeply nurtures, nourishes dry skin, improves its elasticity and reduces the appearance of new wrinkles.

It is intended for intensive night care and skin regeneration. After evening care, you apply it to cleansed, damp skin. I use immediately after the Floral Toner with Aloe Vera (https://www.mayarula.si/izdelki/cvetni-tonik-z-aloe-vero), but you can use it to lock the Floral Moisturising Serum into the skin. The skin will be fresh, glowing, supple, soft, nourished and moisturised.


Serums for skin brightening


To make it easier to fight age spots and hyperpigmentation, serums are often enriched with antioxidants, vitamin C, alpha-hydroxy acids (lactic, glycolic, malic, citric, mandelic, tartaric, kojic acid). You can find the product enriched with vitamin C in Intensive Antioxidant Cream.


Serums to fight free radicals


In order to prevent possible damage to the skin due to free radicals that surround us every day (daylight,in general), serums enriched with vitamins (C, A, E, antioxidants and other active ingredients) work perfectly in the care routine. My Intensive Antioxidant Cream is a very rich cream with antioxidants.


Serums for sensitive, acne-prone skin.


For soothing sensitive skin and acne a serum often contains salicylic acid in its composition. A very frequently used active ingredient is also vitamin B3 or nicotinamide, which improves the surface structure of the skin, reduces fine lines and age spots, and increases skin elasticity. It stimulates the formation of collagen, which is why it is an excellent active ingredient in the Floral Moisturising Serum.


Serums that improve skin surface or skin texture.


The extremely popular active ingredient of these serums is glycolic acid, which is naturally obtained from sugar cane. Smoothes surface wrinkles, damages, brightens age spots, improves the appearance of the skin. An excellent active ingredient for improving skin surface is also vitamin B3, which you can find in the Floral Moisturising Serum.



In the flood of cosmetic products, different opinions, presentations, it is extremely important to be able to decipher useful information and to be careful when introducing each new ingredient or product at the beginning.

There is no rule that says that all active ingredients are equally good for every skin

Therefore, before purchasing the product:


  • think carefully about the needs, condition and type of your skin,
  • read the product description carefully, check the ingredients, think if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients and if they have ever caused you discomfort in the past,
  • if you are interested in additional information about the product, contact the manufacturer, importer, or seller to help clear up any doubts you may have.


When can I start using the face serum?


As soon as you notice the first signs of ageing on your skin. It can be fine lines, wrinkles, spots, the feeling that the skin is no longer full of energy, life. If you only notice this in your early 20s, then that is the right time for preventative care. It is a mistake to think that we start implementing prevention only in later, more mature years.


With the serum you choose, you don’t just want to achieve beautiful, radiant, healthy and youthful skin, you also want to slow down its ageing. With carefully selected care, in which you will include serums, you can effectively slow down the skin ageing process.


How do I use the serum correctly?


If you decide to buy the product, the first test of the product should be a small amount on the face and neck area to make sure that the product suits you. If you notice a reaction (unpleasant feeling, stinging, tingling, redness, warmth, etc.) when testing the product on your skin, stop using the product. This can be a sign that your skin may not like one or more ingredients in the product or the product does not fit well with the rest of your skin care products.


When introducing serums, especially serums with active compounds of higher concentrations, start slowly and gradually. In the beginning, it is enough to use 1-2 times a week, as the skin needs time to get used to the new active ingredients.


What time of the day should I use the serum?


In order to achieve the best possible results, I recommend using serums in the morning and in the evening. In the morning, you can use a serum that protects you from free radicals, the fast pace of life, revitalises the skin, moisturises it, etc., and in the evening you can play with serums that contribute to the increased production of collagen in the skin, reduce wrinkles, improve the elasticity of the skin, keep it youthful appearance. Of course, you can use the serum you use in the morning as well in the evening. Don’t forget to use SPF regularly.


Which step in the skin care routine should be the serum?


It is very important to learn the correct layering of products, which is basically very simple: from thinner to thicker formulations.


To simplify. First, use lighter water-based textures (toners, essences, hydrosols, mists, serums), and only then products with a richer texture (moisturisers, oils, occlusive creams). So the serum comes after face cleanser and toner but before face cream. Face cream should only be used after the serum has completely absorbed into the skin. 


Why this order?

Because denser textured products

– help to lock in previously applied moisturising components,

  • create a protective coating that prevents evaporation 
  •  protect the skin from external influences and factors.


Example of the correct daytime skin care routine order with Mayarula’s products:

  1. Cleansing: Cleansing Milk with Papaya Extract
  2. Toner: Floral Toner with Aloe Vera
  3. Serum: Floral Moisturising Serum
  4. Face cream: Moisturising Day Cream
  5. Around the eye care: Peptide Eye Serum
  6. SPF

Example of the correct night time skin care routine order with Mayarula’s products:

  1. Cleansing: Cleansing Milk with Papaya Extract
  2. Toner: Floral Toner with Aloe Vera
  3. Serum: Vitamin Oil Serum
  4. Face cream: Intensive antioxidant cream
  5. Around the eye care: Antioxidant under-eye balm


All the positive properties that serums bring with them are definitely worth mentioning and ultimately also worth using. If you haven’t added them to your skincare routine yet, now is the time to try them. Your skin will be grateful for the dose of active ingredients that, with regular and consistent use, will certainly bring positive changes in the long term.


Mayarula’s serums, which I prepared for you, were created out of pure love for nature. I want you to feel a genuine connection, love, positive, loving energy in them, with which you will connect with yourself in the care ritual, Surrender to textures, smells, feelings. Allow yourself to feel yourself, your inner strength, to surrender to the flow of beauty and allow yourself time just for yourself.


In such a strong, spiritual way is how I experience the products myself. They are more than just the care I use to pamper my skin. With the devoted love that you will give yourself through thoughts, words, and tenderness of Mayarula’s care, the power of the wonderful natural ingredients will only be able to come to life even more actively and reward you with results with regular use.


If by reading this blog, you feel the power of my serums and possibly the rest of Mayarula’s products, you can find them at www.mayarula.si/. I hope you will be impressed by the natural design, sustainable vision, vegan-friendliness, certificates and countless other wonderful features, which all the mentioned products proudly carry, may they pleasantly and lovingly pamper you when you use them.


Do feel free to contact me, if you have problems or concerns when choosing a serum or possibly any other product from my offer. I am happy to help and advise you. Write to me at info@mayarula.si.


Until the next entry, I leave you wonderful greetings from Mayarula.

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