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The story of certificates

Mayarula is an all-natural rejuvenating cosmetic line that offers a comprehensive facial skin treatment with carefully selected natural ingredients that appeal to the modern conscious woman from the age of 30 onwards. It contains a combination of hydrosols, cold-pressed oils, plant extracts and essential oils, as well as modern active ingredients that have created face-friendly and effective skincare.

When developing the Mayarula collection, it was most important to me that the ingredients were natural or skin’s own, as such they support its natural processes.

 In addition, natural cosmetics are safe, effective and degradable. It was also very important to me that it works. So I spent a lot of time developing eight products that complement each other, and with combined use we achieve a really maximum effect on the skin. I also spent at least that much time finding all the plant extracts I had imagined. I only chose organic. This was really very important to me.


Since I had invested so much time in all of this, as soon as I started thinking about launching my cosmetics line on the market, I knew I was going to equip the cosmetics with an organic certificate and not to deviate from it. Just before the arrival of the cosmetic line on the market, I found out about a new cosmetic certificate at the symposium of natural cosmetics – CosmEthically Active, which proves the sufficient concentration of each active ingredient in the product and thus the product and added this :).

Let me get into detail.

CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate


The CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate is a novelty in the field of natural cosmetics certification. It is the first certificate that evaluates cosmetics in terms of the natural origin of the ingredients and the content of so-called cosmetically active ingredients. Cosmetically active ingredients are those that express specific cosmetic effects after application to the skin only if they are present in the product in sufficient concentration.


The certificate has strict criteria for the selection of cosmetic ingredients that must be truly friendly to our environment. An important criterion is also a professionally thought-out composition of the final cosmetic product, which must be of high quality and must be based on the needs of our skin.

Organic Certificate


The ECOGEA standard is based on comparable European standards and clearly defines which raw materials are allowed (safe) for use in cosmetics and which are strictly prohibited. The first and most important goal is to emphasise the value of ingredients of natural origin and organic farming. Preference is given to the use of environmentally friendly physical and chemical processes, focusing on environmental impacts such as good biodegradability and low ecotoxicity. By doing so, they want to actively contribute to sustainable development.

If it is important to you that your skincare is effective and skin-friendly, as well as environmentally-friendly, I kindly invite you to take a look at the website of active organic cosmetics for mature skin Mayarula.

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