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Our house urgently needs a deep clean(se)!

This is what happened…


The Easter holidays were fast approaching and I knew we would be home, so I wanted the home to be beautiful, tidy and clean. But I soon found out that I had a lot of work to do. Deep down, I knew for a long time that this was a great burden on me. There really is too much clutter that has accumulated over the years and negatively affected my well-being.

The spaces where we spend most of our time, can have a profound effect on our state of mind. Whether we realise it or not, even an untidy bed can scatter negative energy into a space. This stuck energy has a big impact on our mood and can block our creative flow.


If there is a lot of negative energy in our home, it pulls us down in all aspects of life. Bad energies can lead us to a state where we are stressed and more irritable. At least that’s how it is with me.


Our house is spacious when viewed as a physical space, but I have long felt that it is not spacious in terms of energy. The house is full of things that we no longer use, and also those that no longer belong there energetically. Our closets are full of clothes waiting for us to lose weight. It’s been eight years since we moved in and we still keep certain things.


We seem to  think we need to keep a lot of things because of sentimental value as well as because we think we may someday need it again. 

We create an energy blockage as we fill our home, which is our field of energy, with physical objects that are no longer in use.

So I decided to dedicate a day or two during the holidays to family cleaning activities.


I knew I wouldn’t be able to clean and tidy everything at once. But if everyone pitched in, I believed it would be worth my effort. When we physically clean the house of all things and make room in our closets and drawers, we still need to clean it energetically. When we are in a flowing and free environment, where energies circulate, we can also live better and make our wishes come true. With a thorough cleansing, the house  will thus free itself, breathe again, and I with it.

Here are some ways to do energy cleanse in your home:


  1. Ventilation – to remove negative energy, the easiest way is to open the windows. The circulation of fresh air also helps us to breathe deeper, which in turn increases our energy and vitality.
  2. Burning sage – is one of the best ways to get rid of negative energy, as sage has a very strong vibration of energy cleansing. It is a custom that has existed for millennia and is often used in rituals. We carefully burn sage and walk with it around all the rooms we want to clean.
  3. Burning Palo Santo wood – translated from Spanish means sacred wood. It has been used by many peoples for spiritual and energetic cleansing and healing, and has been preserved in modern rituals as well. It cleanses the negative energy in our home and soothes. We burn a stick of sacred wood and smoke it around the room. I personally really like the pleasant balsamic scent that embraces the space.
  4. Sea salt – is known for its ability to absorb negative energy. Put it in small cups in the corners of the rooms or sprinkle it on the floor, leave for a day or two and vacuum. This time I added a few drops of essential oils to the salt in the cups, which additionally help to energetically cleanse and scent the rooms.
  5. Essential oils (EO) – there are also EOs to cleanse negative energies and to eliminate the bad vibrations of our home. The most useful are: 
    1. EO from citruses (grapefruit, lemon, orange…). They are great for both disinfection and air disinfection, as well as for raising our mood. They create a feeling of purity in the space;
    2. boswellia is known for its cleansing effect. It has strong properties in removing negative energies from the body as well as from the environment. For this reason, it is still popular and widely used in religious ceremonies around the world;
    3. both sage plant and EO sage neutralise our energy field, thus getting rid of the bad vibrations around us;
    4. EO black spruce is an antiseptic and due to its cleansing properties is an important part of spiritual rituals in some places. Like all conifers, it is also used for many respiratory problems

In order to do a proper cleanse, we need a quality EO and a device that can be a diffuser or a sprayer. Place 5 to 10 drops of essential oil and distilled water or hydrosol in the diffuser. For the spray, the essential oils are first dissolved in a solubilizer and alcohol (96%) and distilled water is added.


I prepared a spray according to the following recipe:


-3 g EO or. 90 drops (40 drops of EO grapefruit, 15 drops of EO boswellia, 15 drops of EO sage and 20 drops of EO black spruce),

-9 g of Dermofeel G 10 LW solubilizer,

-15 g of 96% ethanol,

-73 g oz. up to 100 g of distilled water.


First, drip the essential oils into a beaker, add the solubilizer and mix well. Add ethanol and water and mix well again. Pour the contents of the beaker into a disinfected spray bottle. The shelf life of the product is at least 3 months, as alcohol acts as a preservative in this case.


Our space must be a refuge where we feel extremely comfortable. Tidying up the mess is the first step, but there are other rituals that can be easily performed to encourage good vibrations. Make a pleasant home with fragrant rituals that calm us down, put us in a better state of mind and bring us the scent of nature into the home.

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